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Welcome to Brighter Energy

Brighter Energy focuses on solar energy and solar energy with storage projects for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and large residential projects. Brighter Energy brings a deep understanding of the development process and how to minimize cost and maximize energy cost saving by optimizing project design, equipment selection, and project management.

Rocky Mountain Power has just announced a major battery incentive program that can be used to offset the cost of an energy storage system that provide energy security and reduced energy costs for your home and/or business. Please contact us today for details and a feasibility analysis.

To maximize savings for customers who prefer the benefits of owning their solar energy facilities, Brighter Energy has secured multiple USDA REAP grants for rural small business and agricultural producers.

Let Brighter Energy use their experience and skills to evaluate whether solar energy can reduce your company’s electrical cost and environmental impact. Contact us today at 801-473-9221.