Brighter Energy focuses on large-scale commercial, industrial, and agricultural solar energy projects as well as larger residential solar and and solar + energy storage projects. Brighter Energy has also assisted with structuring financing and has applied for and received USDA grants for solar projects developed for their clients.

Brighter Energy pioneered an option that is compliant with Utah regulations and allows a third party to fund and build the solar project and provide the customer with a long-term guaranteed price for the solar energy produced and used. This eliminates the need for any capital investment and the maintenance and operation of the solar energy facility.

The construction photos of Brighter Energy projects depicted below include two ground-mounted solar arrays, a 100’ x 30’ storage building that is optimized as a solar panel support structure, a 120’ x 20’ solar parking structure, and a 52kW solar + 135 kWh battery storage system for a hydroponic/aquaponic greenhouse.